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Accept payment in SBE for your retail shop, Business invoice, NGO, Ecommerce Business.

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Accept SBE for your Business & Service

Use SBE Merchant's retail, ecommerce, billing, and donation tools to accept payments from customers and business clients around the world.

Receive settlement for SBE directly to your SBE Wallets with zero price volatility or risk.

SBE Payment Solution Gives you everything that you need

SBE Payment solution is the one stop payment solution to accept payment through POS, Plugins, API, Invoices, Payment buttons and many more.


Receive payments in a few seconds. Payments are going to be confirmed instantly from Sombê Blockchain.


Simple and intuitive. Register and you can immediately accept payments and sell your products


Increase your sales, be innovative! With SBE Payment Solution , you will be part of the technological innovation of payments in Africa.

Money In Your Wallet In A Minute

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Customer Payment

SBE Payment form integrates seamlessly with merchant’s store.

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Payment Detected

The customer's payment is detected within seconds by SBE Merchant

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Payment is sent to the merchant's payout wallet instantly

How Transactions Work

Create Payment Address

Create SBE Payment Address

Provide your SBE payout wallet address and callback URL to SBE Merchant API Services

Ask for Payment

Ask for Payment

Show your customer the SBE wallet address as well as the payment amount in SBE

Wait for Payment

Wait for Payment confirmation

Transaction on Sombê blockchain may take only few seconds to be confirmed

Get Payment Notification

Get Payment Notification

Callbacks are sent to the URL you specified. You can process customer's order

Get Paid

Get Paid Instantly

SBE are sent to the payout wallet immediately

POS Application Feature

Multi Fiat Support

Get payment from almost every fiat currency globally

Qr code Generation

Get QR code generation with Wallet address of Paying Request

Instant Payment

Instant Transaction confirmation from Sombê blockchain

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Secure & Safe

100% Safe and Secure Payment solution for retail and any business

Easy to Use

World's Most User friendly and Handy POS System

Globally Access

Accept SBE Payments Globally around the world

Accept SBE AnyTime AnyWhere


Accept bill payments across town or across borders


Accept payments from online customers at checkout


Accept donations from patrons with SBE


Accept payments at your retail shop or restaurant